Why Our Ambassador Program?
Do you want to connect communities online and offline? do you like to join & host events? Do you love to join groups of people to produce insights? If yes then you are a Bookngly Geek! And here is the most effective option for you. You can be a Bookngly representative in your respective region. You will be the exclusive exponent of the Bookngly in your city and produce exciting insights based on your own experiences. You will be a part of the hosts for the conventions and meetings in your region and assure that these conventions are easily accessible and the hit hype in the audience.
The Tasks of the Ambassador in this Program
All you need to engage and connect to the community in such an effective manner that the people find you as the most responsible and reliable source of information from the Bookngly. Your major tasks in this ambassador program are very clear and respective to the Bookngly company;
Boost the Brand Awareness
You will be the supporter of the Bookngly. It’s the major task of the Ambassador to promote growth and provide sufficient materials, supplies, and other resources to the audience in order to boost brand awareness.
Provide Current Information
The next task of the ambassador is to provide current and updated information and upskill the audience representing the exclusive experiences that go through the entire practice and providing them the efficient resources online and offline to stand out in the community.
Association with the Community
Community engagement is the most crucial part of the ambassador program. You will associate with the audience by going through the communications at the conventions, publishing blog posts, and ad campaigns, and hosting events to promote the brand and growth of the audiences.
Sustenance and Support
Support and sustenance are the very effective task of the ambassador. You will need to be a highly active listener, you need to disperse and share the current trends and updates, and the positive responses of the audiences from the Bookngly.
Ambassador’s Adherence
The Ambassador’s adherence is the key point to the success of this program. We will provide complete guidelines to promote and spread the message to the targeted audiences, the ambassador program helps to extend the success of the brand and keep closer and more connected to the clients and customers accordingly.
Fringe Benefits
So, Let’s be the Ambassador of the Bookngly! Isn’t seem to be mind-blowing and exclusive? You will get a call if you will be shortlisted, so stay cool and wait for our call!
Let’s Host the Bookngly’s Convention
Bookngly is announcing the grand conventions online and offline, all the people who'd love to be our convention hosts but don’t wanna be engaged as ambassadors in their regions, this is a great option for you. You will have only a few responsibilities but great perks!
How do you Host the Bookngly’s Event in your Region?
Download or fill out online the Event submission form and submit it.
You will get the response after at least 48 hours; The Bookngly’s team will provide the feedback as soon as possible.
If your submission will be authorized and get approval by the team, the upcoming events will be shown on the Bookngly’s Meetup page.
You will share all your convention hosting details on social media to hit the audience.
We will deliver the exclusive cool stuff for the event if you requested.
Don’t forget to share the snapshots on social media and submit the details in the form online


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