Bookngly vs Google Calendar: Which is best for you?

    The elimination of email ping pong when scheduling meetings has gone from a "good to have" to a must-have, especially for professionals who book a lot of outside meetings, like those for sales, marketing, and customer success.

    Google is aware of this and recently launched appointment scheduling in Google Calendar.
    If you are looking for dating apps to save time and close more deals, you may be wondering: can I use Google Calendar instead of Bookngly? Both Bookngly and Google Calendar have links for people to view your open calendar and book personal appointments with you. Both allow you to automate confirmation emails to reduce no-shows and create a meeting buffer so you don't get stuck in endless consecutive meetings.

    Aa and … that's where the similarities end. Essentially, giving Google 1:1 meetings works just like Bookngly. Today, Bookngly's functionality goes beyond a simple scheduling link, with features designed to help groups earn more revenue. So let's take a closer look at your needs and which of these apps is best for you and your business.

    Overview: Google Calendar vs Bookngly

    The biggest advantage of Google Calendar is that it's big. Appointment scheduling is already built-in for 500 million users (although the new functionality is only available for
    certain types of premium accounts).

    This makes Google Calendar the easiest and cheapest tool for people who:
    a) use Google Calendar alone
    b) have a paid Google Workspace plan and
    c) just need a simple way to get on Schedule appointments with one person at a time.

    With Bookngly, you do have to take the time to connect your calendars. But Bookngly lets you mix and match if, say, you use an Outlook account at work, or a calendar for your professional work. Your scheduling link isn’t helpful if people can avoid your work conflicts.

    For a complete view of your availability, Bookngly connects with these calendars:
    Google, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook Desktop, and Office 365.

    Bookngly also works where you work, with apps.

    This means Bookngly’s free Basic plan is already more feature-rich than Google’s paid appointment scheduling product.

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