Case Study-: How to Increase 30% Leads with Bookngly Appointment Scheduling

    Trying out new platforms for your business growth and expansion is great but the time taken into finally learning about a new platform and deciding whether or not it works for you might strip off some of your precious work hours. And the most hated challenge for a business when trying out a new platform is scheduling. Scheduling a demo to learn about a platform, trying it out through the free trial, and then making a decision are all steps that take no less than a considerable number of working days.

    How we Increase 30% Leads with quick appointments Scheduling

    Not to mention without a proper appointment scheduling platform it is hard to deal with an upcoming load of customers, maintain a smooth customer experience, deal with last-minute cancellations and manage to reschedule requests. With Clique payments, booking a demo has been a hassle-free process but managing and streamlining different prospects often led to overlapped appointments, unclear schedules, and website lags. These issues in turn affected our image and made it tough to manage upcoming appointments while keeping customers satisfied at the same time.

    Bookngly mobile application skillfully helped us manage the clique payments scheduling process easily while minimizing downtimes and now you book multiple demos for new business helping tools (along with Clique Payments) to learn whether or not a product is suitable for you. The first and major candidate that bookngly helps you book an appointment with is Clique payments.

    With Clique payments bookngly integration, Clique payments have improved their workflow substantially, with bottlenecks and lag times minimized by 40%. We received over 30% more clients in the same time frame and the time saved was invested in additional scheduled appointments with clients and prospects. Moreover, bookngly has also modified clique payments to proceed with improved data quality, quick turnover times, and paperless appointments.

    Customers using bookngly to book with Clique payments appointments have better satisfaction and return to us more with promising results.

    How Clique Payment Works?

    Clique payments is an online payment platform that helps as your accountant buddy when working on managing your business expenses and finances. Clique payments synchronize your invoices, schedule your payments, keep a history of your payments made and also maintain a check and balance on your accounting situation.

    It’s like having a virtual accountant that helps you with an in-depth insight into the business’s financial details. With clique payments, millions of businesses are able to bill the creator, sender, and receiver. With Quickbooks or other accounting software, syncing is seamless. Clique returns your front of house’s transaction authority.

    When you start clique payments you can get a demo for your business and find how suitable the platform is for your needs. This demo helps you start right away on your accounts integration journey hence there is no single day that you spend in the turmoil of never-ending financing and monetary calculations. Now with Bookngly you can minimize the clique payments three-day long demo process into an hour or two.

    So how Does Bookngly application helps you with easy Clique payments booking? Here is a step-by-step guide.

    What is Bookngly?

    A mobile app called Bookngly is intended to handle all of your scheduling needs for meetings, events, and appointments. Its objective is to stop the ineffective back and forth when establishing times. You can send your availability with a Bookngly link and note any open times for your upcoming appointments as an alternative to email chains and phone tags.

    One of the best features about Bookngly is that it works in advance and also gives you reminders for upcoming events. It gives complete transparency to both parties so they can view the updated appointments, available days, and future meeting plans.

    Benefits of Using Bookngly

    The Bookngly application working for clique payments has many benefits and allows you to operate your next appointment right from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to call over and over, wait in a queue in the hold line and wait for your turn to speak with the customer representative only to be held off again. Here are some reasons to love the bookngly integration with clique payments.

    • You can find all the available schedules and slots on clique payments via the bookngly application.
    • You can book a week or two weeks prior as the long-term bookings are available and open
    • You can book urgent appointments as some slots for the nearest time period are shown open
    • Invitees get multiple time slots throughout the day and 7 days a week to find a time that fits best for them
    • With bookngly booking system, there is no confusion for time zone because the same screen is shared and booking is integrated according to your time zone
    • Booknlgy saves the long process of email sharing, waiting for a response, and consultation with the team
    • You can get a booking done even when the working hours have ended hence you will not be waiting for an email reply until the next day
    • The quick response time helps you save face in front of clients and other parties
    • The multiple open slots can allow one-on-one interaction or even entire team interaction at once
    • One-step appointment rescheduling in case of missed appointments
    • Direct reminders before your big appointment

    How to Use Bookngly

    Using Booknlgy is a simple process and you can even share invites with someone who doesn’t use bookngly yet. Here is how to start using bookngly now.

    Create an Account

    by clicking When you sign up from the Bookngly main page, the company will guide you through every step. You can sign in using your Gmail account and choose to immediately integrate with Google Calendar if you do so.

    Choose A Time Zone

    Setting up your Bookngly URL and time zone is the first step.

    Add your calendar to Bookngly

    Before you begin, you will have the option of integrating your Bookngly account with your other calendars. In order to avoid overbooking, linking accounts automatically add events from other calendars, including ones that are already in existence, to your Bookngly schedule.

    Set Possibilities

    You can then specify your general availability. You can alter it whenever you want, for instance, if your daily schedule changes.

    Event Time

    Choose the event duration and the time window that works for you.

    Guests can relax in the sea or wade for yards in the shallow waters while waiters wearing bathing suits offer tropical drinks to those in need of refreshment.



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