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Features And Integrations

Explore the range of features that make Bookngly the best online booking and management system for
business of any size and industry. Bookngly offers over 60 custom features to help you attract new clients,
nuture your current ones and manage your business like a pro!


Leave it to your clients.
They can book themselves.

Your passion comes with a lot of extra. Texts, phone calls, emails. Let us play the middle man between your clients and your calendar so you have more time to do what you love.

  • 24/7 self-service bookings.
  • Automatic notifications & reminders
  • Easy-to-use customer app
  • Integrated with Google, Instagram and more
  • Streamlined booking with Add-ons and Combo Services


Establish your vibe. Get
your skills discovered.

Get setup on Bookngly and enjoy over 200 Profile views every month. We make it easy to show off your vibe, your skills, and your people.

  • Online Business Profile.
  • Customizable Services Menu
  • Portfolio
  • Individual Staff Profiles


Create a rhythm. So you
can keep that momentum.

Payments, people, documentation. Let us streamline the small stuff, so you can focus on running your business - and not the other way around.

  • Staff management
  • Centralized client information
  • Documentation with Custom Forms
  • Performance snapshots


You work hard. Make it
easy to get paid.

Flexible payment solutions to meet the needs of your business - on the go, in person, or even when your clients don't show up.

  • Streamlined Checkout process
  • Client cards on file
  • Contactless payments via the app
  • Terminals for onsite processing


Build your community.
And get them talking.

Your community is the reason you get to do what you love. Use Bookngly to keep them in the loop on what you're up to, and how they can take advantage of everything you offer.

  • Import and Invite Clients
  • Email and social media templates
  • Promotions and Message Blasts
  • Collect & share customer reviews


Make your time count.
Protect your bottom line.

We see you working those crazy hours and juggling all the things. You love every minute of it, but you value your time, too. That's where we come in. Every hour that youput in? We want it to count.

  • Take Prepayments.
  • Set a Cancellation Policy.
  • Attract clients with Boost.
  • Offer servicesonline, or on the go.
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Connect with the Apps you use daily

Bookngly online appointment system integrates with popular payments apps, social media,
video conferencing tools and personal work calenders.

One-Stop Solution
For Service Businesses

What Clients Say

Our Clients send us bunch of smiles with our services and we love them

"As a Customer Success Manager, I use Bookngly every day to handle my book of business, and I find it to be incredibly convenient."

M. Wilson
Customer Manager

"Bookngly is the best solution I've found for minimizing the lag time between demo requests and demo bookings is Bookngly."

G. Hector
Digital Marketer

"The partner gets notified a few times before the meeting and he/she can stay prepare or perhaps reschedule it. I can simply access my calendar, and the general interface is inviting."

J. Romeo
Sales Rep.

"As digital marketers, we are aware that every time you ask a user to participate, engagement levels drop. When you add having to schedule appointments via email, it gets exponentially worse!"

M. William


How Much Can Bookngly

Increase your Bookings?

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Bookngly is a brand new marketplace of service companies all around the world - where
people can find any service anywhere, book an appointment and get a reminder


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