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Bookngly is very simple to acquire. All types of organizations can benefit from our scheduling software. Whether you're a salon that takes appointments, a tutor who gives classes, or a co-working space that needs to manage rooms, we're a one-stop solution for everyone who needs scheduling to increase productivity and keep things running smoothly.

Simplify And Organize your Meetings Now!.

When you populate your projects with all of the business and service information your clients require, email trails, missed calls, and phone tags become obsolete. Your clients can fill up your appointment book online, eliminating the need for you to pick up the phone, react to emails, or sacrifice your time to accommodate late callers. Bookngly Unlike email: which starts chaotic and requires continual administration, projects keep things in order by default. Everything is always where you expect it to be, and where to put things is self-evident.

Hassle Out Scheduling In Three Simple Steps.

Bookngly makes it easier to schedule better meetings by syncing and integrating everything into one simple platform. It's simple to use. It's the only scheduling application that allows you to keep track of your personal and professional calendars in one location. Register Right Now!
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Fillout Details And Sign Up

First, You just have to add some basic details and create an account … Creating an account is really very simple and takes you a step closer to your success!!! So, don't wait to create your account now…
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Connect Your Calendar And Set Your Availability

After creating the account, you are already a step closer to your growth. Now Connect your calendars and set your all availability to avoid conflicts. Bookngly reads your availability from all of your existing calendars, guaranteeing that you are never overbooked!
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Schedule Meetings and Share the Link

Now, Schedule Meetings for regularly planned events that include availability, locations, and the option to regulate how and when you've booked. Share your link and make it exceedingly simple for others to schedule an appointment with you at a convenient time for both of you! So yeah, you are ready to Grow!!!
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Frequently Asked Questions

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The integration available at Bookngly allows you to use other apps and feature along with Bookngly. By using the integration, you can take control of all your data, and it will also sync directly with other tools in your tech stack to eliminate additional work or steps. Our integration makes your business work, booking your appointment, and marketing your services easier. Choose your favorite integration from Bookngly and add it to the app easily for easier control.

If you are a developer, then you must need to add the integration, when you are at Bookngly, you can easily add the integration to your directory. First, find the tool you need to add and click on add integration. For some, you need to follow the install prompts. On the other hand, some integration will be installed to your Bookngly without any prompt.

Yes, you can use APIs to create your own integration. In addition, you can also request your suggested integration using the contact sale option available on the site. When you have this, we will definitely review it and try to add your requested integration ASAP.

Yes, all integrations are included in the directory of Bookngly. You can choose your favorite integration from the directory, and add it to your app.

Yes, all the integrations listed in the directory are personally reviewed by Bookngly team . Before adding any new integration, they check all the facts and figures else all the things they need to check.

Depending on your activities, there are both paid and free plans. Currently, three plans are featured on the site, so if you want to know more about the plans and usage, visit the site pricing page.

No, you don't need to upgrade your plan to install the integrations. You can use Bookngly for free and also enjoy some best features. With the free plan, you will get unlimited pages and blocks, share with 5 guests, and sync across devices and APIs.