5 best Korean sunscreens to protect your skin

    Are you a fan of Korean dramas? Is that what has inspired you to use Korean sunscreens? No? Okay, we might be just speculating here but we do understand that there is a glow on Korean people’s faces that we all wish to have.

    Korean skincare routine is also known as K-beauty. Now, you cannot borrow their beauty but their skincare products are widely available in the market, especially the sunscreens. It has been on everyone’s purchasing wishlist since it created a storm in the market. If you are following that line of popularity, you would be glad to find that we are narrowing down the huge list of Korean sunscreens to bring you the best options.

    We all know how important sunscreen is for our skin. It keeps the harmful rays away similar to how we push away a healthy diet. However, in this case, the sunscreen does work while we tend to come back and forth on our healthy diet.  

    Korean sunscreens contain lightweight, gentle formulas enriched with skin-loving ingredients. All these ingredients ensure you leave no or minimal white cast on the skin. With a lot of sunscreens available in the market, it is difficult to choose the right one for your skincare. To help you in this overwhelming process there are some best Korean sunscreens that suit every budget and skin type.

    How Korean Sunscreen Is Different from Others?

    Now, this is a valid question. You are probably wondering why should you use sunscreen that comes from another country when you can easily get one from your local pharmacy. What is the difference? What is all the hype about? And is it even worth it? To answer your question, we must take a little detour on what is important in sunscreens.

    SPF or Sun Protection Factor is the most important thing to consider in sunscreens. The SPF determines how much protection the sunscreen offers against the harmful radiation of the sun. It shows the capability of the ingredients that make up sunscreen. In almost all cases, an SPF of 30 and above is recommended according to the skin type and proneness to sunburn.

    Korean sunscreens offer an SPF of 50 or even higher. In addition, the Korean sunscreen also includes a PA rating. This rating defines how much protection the product offers from sun’s UVA rays which are a known cause of aging and sagging skin. There are four levels of this rating, PA+, PA++, PA+++, and PA++++. The PA++++ is the highest protection level offered and is also found in many Korean sunscreens. When you combine the SPF and the PA ratings, you get a sunscreen that is much better than conventional sunscreens.


    The ingredients are an integral part of any beauty product. If you know about the ingredients, then you can choose the product much better fitted to your needs. A good example of this statement is how many people prefer that their sunscreens also act as moisturizers. Others wish for complexion-preserving components in their sunscreens. Instead of getting three different products, you can get it all in one package, through Korean Sunscreens. These sunscreens have all the ingredients that advantage your skin complexion and also allow you to get certain moisture giving it a double-action performance.

    Difference in classification

    Classification is the most important part of every sunscreen. Sunscreen is considered a drug under the FDA. Before its complete formation, the product has to go through various testing methods to ensure that the product is effective and safe to use.

    All the products are tested carefully before adding them to the sunscreen to prevent any type of adverse reactions. Korean brands are regularly updating the formulation of sunscreens to offer the perfect sun protection as needed. Moreover, they are also focusing on enhancing their products by introducing skin-fairing and age-reducing components.

    Best Korean Sunscreen to Try Now

    Cosrx Aloe soothing sunscreen

    Cosrx Aloe soothing sunscreen

    Have you ever found sunscreen with aloe vera and always wish to have these? Glad to have found you here because this sunscreen contains aloe vera as its secret ingredient. Many Koreans are a fan of this sunscreen because of this reason too!

    This sunscreen is formulated with aloe leaf extract to soothe and calm your inflamed skin. Moreover, it protects you from the harmful rays of the sun that you face regularly when you step out of the house. The most important thing to note is that it includes SPF 50 and P+++ which protects the skin against the sun's harsh rays.

    The sunscreen also absorbs quickly into the skin which is why it is great moisturizing cream, suitable for the daytime. Lastly, it is perfect for all types of skin whether you have dry, normal, or combination skin type.


    • Manufactured from all the natural ingredients.
    • Lightweight
    • Hydrates the skin
    • No white cast.


    • The sunscreen is a little greasy.
    • Fragrance

    Missha All Around Safe Block Soft Finish Sun Milk SPF 50+ PA+++

    Missha All Around Safe Block Soft Finish Sun Milk SPF

    Are you looking to add some extra protection to your skin from the sun? Then you are in the right place. This is the best Korean sunscreen with a double-layer UV blocking system, fighting against all the harmful rays of the sun.

    It is functional even against water and sweat. Moreover, it does not melt in humid weather making it the perfect sunscreen for outdoors. The texture of this sunscreen is silky and porous so you can say that it can pair smoothly with your skin. It is the ideal choice for those who live in humid environments and also find it difficult to wear sunscreen every day. It is also a great choice for people with oily skin.


    • Water and sweat resistant.
    • Lightweight
    • Great for oily skin
    • Cheaper


    • Contains fragrance

    Thank You Farmer Sun Project water sun cream


    Thank You Farmer Sun Project water sun cream

    If you don’t like a matte look sunscreen, then this sunscreen is created for you. It includes SPF 50, PA+++, and all those ingredients that can help make your skin extra glowing. It is extremely effective and contains all the beneficial ingredients like aloe leaf, Inca omega oil, bamboo extracts, and African walnut oil known widely for nourishing skin.

    Its smooth texture easily settles on the skin and also absorbs quite quickly, making your skin feel airy, moisturized, and well-protected. The best part is that it does not irritate sensitive skin as it targets both dryness and skin texture. The anti-inflammatory ingredient present in this product called Phyto-oligo protects your skin’s natural barrier to keep moisture in and environmental stressors out.


    • Add extra glow to your skin.
    • A great choice for all types of skin.
    • Include all the natural ingredients.


    • Little expensive.

    ISNTREE Hyaluronic Acid Watery Sun Gel SPF 50+ PA++++

    ISNTREE Hyaluronic Acid Watery Sun Gel SPF

    Isntree hyaluronic acid has a gentle foam and offers you long-lasting moisturization. This sunscreen has a high SPF of 50+ and PA++++. This means that you are within an extra layer of sun protection shield.

    With this Sunscreen, you can keep your skin protected while keeping it hydrated. It contains hyaluronic acid, which helps in keeping your skin refreshing and moisturized. It offers you a lightweight texture that is not greasy and doesn’t leave a white cast finish. It makes it an optimal choice for daily wear.

    Moreover, it is the perfect choice for dry, dull, and dehydrated skin. it includes all 8 types of hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture and also repair and soothe your skin. It comes in a lotion-type texture that makes it easier for smooth application on the skin. Lastly, as all sunscreens do, this one also provides great protection against the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun.


    • Does not leave a white cast
    • Leave glowing effect


    • It is not a good choice for all types of skin

    Benton Mineral Sun Stick

    Benton Mineral Sun Stick

    If you are looking for an effective sunscreen, then this sunscreen is the ideal choice for you. It includes SPF 50 and PA+++++ protection provided by a physical sunscreen ingredient, titanium dioxide.

    But that is not all. You are not only getting excellent UV protection, but you are also purchasing sunscreen that will nourish your skin. All the best antioxidants are offered with this sunscreen including vitamin E and Tocopherol. These ingredients help slow down the aging process on your skin and offer nourishing components like hyaluronic acid, all in one small package. The best part is that this sunscreen applies smoothly on your skin which makes it easier for daily application.


    • Great protection against the sun
    • Include nourishing ingredients
    • The soft texture makes it easy to apply on the skin


    • Little expensive.

    What To Look for In a Good Sunscreen?

    SPF/PA rating

    SPF/PA rating

    SPF/ PA is the most important thing to look for in a good sunscreen. It is the one quantitative factor that determines how much strength the sunscreen is putting against UV radiation. The higher, the better.

    Now, the minimum requirement for sunscreen is 30 SPF. If you have that in your sunscreen, then you are good to go. However, with Korean sunscreens, the SPF starts at 50 and goes only higher. This is why Korean sunscreens gain an edge over traditional and older sunscreens.

    Apart from the SPF rating, you must also check for the PA rating. Like the SPF, the higher the better it is for the PA rating as well. However, you will only find four levels for the PA rating, as of now. They are PA+, PA++, PA+++, and PA++++. The highest is the most recommended one.

    Physical versus chemical

    Physical sunscreens build a physical barrier between your skin and the sun's UV radiation. For example, zinc oxide not only shields skin from UVA and UVB rays but also remains effective when exposed to moisture and perspiration.

    Similarly, chemical sunscreens require roughly 15 minutes to become active and shield your skin from harm by heating up UV radiation.

    In contrast, a hybrid sunscreen with both organic (chemical) and inorganic (physical) filters is something that is highly advised for people to prefer.

    Additional Benefits

    With mineral and chemical that protects the skin, Korean sunscreen also comes with various beneficial components. You can get components like age-reducing factors, skin nourishing factors, moisturizing elements, and even skin-fairing ingredients that add up to the enhancement of these Korean sunscreens. We suggest using sunscreen that includes botanicals and skin-loving ingredients to get multiple benefits from a single sunscreen.


    The texture is another important thing to consider when choosing a sunscreen. The wrong texture can make you hate the product as it creates a flaky or white cast that puts off the smoothness of the skin. This is why you must opt for a sunscreen that is easy to apply and casts a smooth texture on your skin. So, choosing the texture you are comfortable with is really important. You will find multiple options available for a smooth application of sunscreen like a gel cream, a sheer chemical/physical blend, or even a chemical formula.

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    Alice Green
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