The Best Guide to Fade Haircuts with Design

    Not a big fan of haircuts? Don't worry, you've probably seen the fade haircuts with design before, even if you don't know it. This style, which became very popular in the 1950s, is worn by men all over the world.

    It has a bit of an edge, but it is also very smart. But what does it mean to "fade"? It's easy: a fade haircut is just a gradual change in length that gives the hair a faded look, sometimes down to the skin and sometimes to extremely short hair.

    You can choose from a high fade, a medium fade, or a low fade. Each gives you a different look. In a nutshell, the more coverage you have left, the lower the fade. So, a high fade leaves you with a mop on top of your head and not much else.

    A low fade, on the other hand, will gradually get shorter as it goes down your head, with the shortest cut right around your ears. What about the way? So, it must be somewhere in the middle.

    In general, the more faded something is, the more maintenance it needs. But, if you want a clean cut (we get it), you'll need to go to the barber (very) often to stay looking good. In fact, a fade only looks its best for about 3 or 4 days, so schedule your date, job interview, or meeting the parents during that time.

    Here Are the Top Best Men's Hair Designs Pattern:

    Bookngly’s got your back with our advice, you'll have your perfect fade haircuts with design that you’ve always wanted. So, which faded haircut is best for you? Let's take a look without further ado.

    1. Low Taper Fade with Textured Top

    Low Taper Fade

    Are you hesitating to part with your heavy broom? These simple back taper designs may be salvaged by using a low taper fade and a textured top. This is an ideal cut for the guy who is a man about town since it is sophisticated enough to go to the workplace but also very much ready for Friday night.

    2. Low Fade Buzz Cut with Line Up

    Low Fade Buzz Cut

    This quick-and-easy low fade haircut with designs is a great option for those of us who want to keep our hair in a low-maintenance style, but you should still give it a quick refresh every few weeks.

    3. Low Bald Fade with Curly Fringe

    Low Bald Fade

    Are you gifted with curls? Instead of giving them the snip, go for a low bald fade with a curling fringe. This will look much better. This fade has a very rounded edge, which is a great way to show off your head full of curls, since many guys would kill to have hair like that.

    4. Box Fade

    Box Fade

    The box fade is a stylish option for afro hair because it allows your afro to seem messy and unruly on top while keeping the hair around your ears and neck clean, tidy, and trimmed. While the conventional "box" has a lot of sharp corners, you are free to make it as angular or as rounded as you want.

    5. Burst Fade

    Burst Fade

    When it comes to the burst fade, the undercut is the star of the show. Indeed, this eye-catching fading haircut will bring more attention to your neck and shoulders, and you are free to style the top of your head anyway you like kind of messy or smooth.

    6. Sideburn Fade

    Sideburn Fade

    Check out the sideburn fade if you rock 'burns like a boss and there's no way you're letting them go anytime soon. This continuous fade, which somehow manages to make sideburns hip, is a great addition to a rough look when combined with a full beard.

    7. Low Fade with Hair Design

    Low Fade with Hair Design

    With a low fade and hair design cut, you may transform your mullet into a piece of beauty. The barber will fetch a smooth pattern into your fade using the clippers set to a '0,' while you will maintain the tresses on top of your head in a sloppy style. Move over, permanent body modifications; we're all about the ephemeral beauty of hair art and men's hair designs pattern.

    8. Low Bald Fade

    Low Bald Fade

    Have you ever dreamed you could resemble, well, almost every English player in history? Check out the low fade haircut with designs, which would be a short cut that fades gradually into a longer cut on top. This stylish hairdo is suited for men of all ethnic and religious origins.

    9. Buzz Cut with Quick Fade

    Buzz Cut with Quick Fade

    The buzz cut with rapid fade is a popular hairstyle that is characterized by its sharp angles, suave and streamlined appearance, and wearers such as Zayn Malik. This fade haircut is one that is ideal for stress-free mornings since it is short all over.

    10. Low Drop Fade with Pompadour

    Low Drop Fade

    The low drop fade with pompadour is a gorgeous combination of the low fade that was popular in the '20s and the pompadour that was popular in the '50s. This combination can make anybody seem like a dashing gentleman. It has been seen worn by renowned people, such as Elvis Presley's head, and it is a definite winner every time.

    11. Bald Drop Fade

    Bald Drop Fade

    Have you ever wished you could have the appearance of every English footballer? Look at the short sides and back that transition into a longer cut on top—a that's low bald fade. A stylish cut that works for guys of many backgrounds.

    12. Side Part Fade

    Side Part Fade

    The Peaky Blinder gang would approve of this side part fade, demonstrating that the style did not perish with the Roaring Twenties. A modern spin on a classic, the side part fade propels that asymmetrical 'do into the present day.

    13. Bald Low Fade (Skin Fade)

    Bald Low Fade

    Also, with bald low fade or skin fade, you can keep your beautiful hair (hey, not everyone does). A messy top quickly turns into a close shave, and you can wear it brushed forward or parted on the side, whatever you like.

    14. Short Hair Fade

    Short Hair Fade

    You can be "that man" by getting a short taper fade with design. The back neck taper designs and sides are short shaved, and a cute tiny mop is at the top. The clean, well-kept appearance you get from a faded haircut makes it suitable for every occasion, from the office to the club.

    15. Buzz Cut with Line Up and Low Temple Fade

    Buzz Cut with Line Up

    A clean geometry textbook fades cut, which is the one to get. This cut is close to the head, with a distinct pattern sloping out from the temple to ensure you get noticed.

    16. Classic Taper Fade Haircut

    Classic Taper Fade

    If you go to the barber and request this style, you may have trouble keeping the women away. The hair on top is styled to look its best, while the back is shaved clean.

    17. Comb Over Medium Fade

    Comb Over Medium Fade

    The fade haircut is a red-carpet favorite by celebrities. Hair is longer on top for the all-important comb-over and rapidly fades to nothing.

    18. Medium Fade with Side Part Haircut

    Medium Fade

    If you want to rock a side part without looking like Jack Dawson (1912), a medium fade with a side part is yet another Justin Timberlake specialty. This adaptable fade may be worn smoothed back or left disheveled.

    19. Faded Sides with Faux Hawk and Design

    Faded Sides

    The trend of wearing fake hawks has returned. If you give this mashup a try, you'll be the centre of attention everywhere you go. The cut-in design ties together the close-cut fading sides with the sharp and edgy fake hawk.

    20. Mid-Bald Fade with Spiky Hair

    Mid-Bald Fade

    To convey the message "women desire me, guys want to be me," a mid-bald fade combined with spiky hair is a great choice. This fade haircut is a great option for guys trying to achieve a playboy style, as it allows them to easily go from business meetings to after-work margaritas.

    21. Medium Faux Hawk Fade

    Medium Faux Hawk

    This hairstyle has a soft fade at the sides and back, with a fake hawk or no hawk on top for contrast.

    22. Mohawk Fade

    Mohawk Fade

    The mohawk fade is a great medium cut that resembles the medium fade but is considerably more extreme. This low-fade haircut makes a statement since it is eye-catching, sophisticated, and savvy all at the same time.

    23. Curly Hair Fade

    Curly Hair Fade

    Want a fade but your hair is too curly? All the black dudes in here, please. This fade is ideal for those with curly hair since it highlights your hair's natural texture while still providing a clean, neat appearance. For a dashing look, keep the top down and spray on some classy fragrance.

    24. Shaved Sides with Buzz Cut

    Shaved Sides

    You may allow your chiseled features and flawless skin to do the talking by going for a buzz cut with shaved sides, like Tom Hardy. With this high fade, everyone will know you mean business while still being captivated by your enticing bad-boy charm.

    25. Fade Undercut with Textured Comb Over

    Fade Undercut

    We always appreciate a good undercut. especially when topped with a textured comb-over that ooze’s personality. This fade will require some morning-style effort, but the payoff is worth the trouble.

    26. Long Quiff High Fade

    Long Quiff High Fade

    It’s the pinnacle combination of two of our favorite looks, and it's perfect for highlighting a prominent forehead. This fade haircut has a (very) short back and sides while keeping a longer top that can be styled in various ways using your blow dryer, a quiff, or a comb.

    27. Slicked Back Hair with Medium Fade

    Slicked Back Hair

    You like the sleek, back-to-basics style? Slick back your hair and give yourself a medium fade to seem polished and put together; it's what you asked for. Look no further for a fade haircut that matches your sophisticated style.

    28. Straight Hair Fade

    Straight Hair Fade

    The straight hair fade is the tux of barbering; it looks great on everybody, regardless of skin tone or ethnicity. You're almost completely bald around the ears and neck, leaving you plenty of leeway to do anything you want with the wild tufts on top.

    29. Medium Pomp Fade

    Medium Pomp Fade

    The medium pomp fade is the one if you're looking for subtlety and volume (plus an additional inch of height, yay). This fade is like grease without the grease; all you need is a fast brush of a nice style product on top, and you're good to go (as long as you remember to shampoo, of course).

    30. Burst Fade Mohawk

    Burst Fade Mohawk

    This hip fast taper fade with design will keep your 'fro tidy and cropped while letting it shine. This trendy fade works just as well on afro, straight, and curly mops and is a stylish alternative to the standard mohawk.

    31. Cropped Medium Fade

    Cropped Medium Fade

    The clipped medium fade is a great option for folks who value harmony. This style is for the guy who wants it all: the longer top gives off an air of reckless abandon, while the medium fade and tight crop at the crown exude sophistication.

    32. High Razor Fade with Hair Design

    High Razor Fade

    The combination of tribal patterns and a severe razor cut is what we're into right now. The almost fake hawk on top is a nice touch, but you should schedule a visit to the barbershop ASAP since this style won't last long.

    33. Undercut Fade with Hard Part and Textured Spikes

    Undercut Fade

    With a military undercut fade and defiant spikes on top, this hairstyle is sure to turn heads. Sky-high fade transitions to skin well before your ears, highlighting your chiselled profile.

    34. High Fade with Pompadour

    High Fade with Pompadour

    The high fade with pompadour hairstyle is not for the faint of heart because of its dramatic, attention-grabbing, and commanding appearance. This voluminous cut, however, hits the nail on the head, providing a modern update on Jazz Age style.

    35. High Bald Fade with Comb Over Pompadour

    High Bald Fade

    This simple back taper designs is a victory in our eyes because of the contrast it features. An almost bald, ultra-high fade tapers off suddenly at the centre of your head, and after that, locks that are slicked over back neck taper designs take the stage. With a quick waxing, you can't go wrong with taper haircut with designs.

    36. High Bald Fade Haircut

    High Bald Fade

    The high bald fade, a high fade without the drama of a pompadour, is a classic men's haircut that always looks neat and tidy. The short mop on top of the head, which is the result of the high fade, will be ready to go as soon as you are.

    37. Comb Over High Fade

    Comb Over High Fade

    The comb-over high fade is a nondiscriminatory update on the traditional comb-over. This hairstyle will make people of any age, height, skin color, or ethnic background seem more put together than before. Maintain its luster with occasional polishing and try out new comb-over styles.

    38. Long Hair Fade

    Long Hair Fade

    What if I told you that there is a method to rock both a short and a long haircut at the same time? There is, however, the long hair fade, just as there was the sad cat that Schroedinger had. Maintain your unkempt tresses on top, or tuck them behind your head with a top knot, and let your natural shape shine through with a fade that goes down low.

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