Step-by-Step Guide on How to Start a Mobile Hair Salon

    In the last two years, everything has changed in the hair salon business (due to you-know-what). Many hairdressers have gone completely mobile or at least have a mobile hair salon as a side job.

    Customers' changing lifestyles were a big reason for this change. People have gotten used to staying at home and having the things they need to be delivered to their door since the pandemic. Whether you call this "lazy" or "smart with your time," it looks like mobile hair salons are here to stay.

    You've come to the right place if you own a salon or are a mobile hair stylist who wants to start a mobile salon. Our blog by Bookngly talks about the different steps in the process and is made for you.

    Step 1: How to start planning

    How to start planning

    The most important parts of planning for your mobile hair salon are choosing your business model and putting the finishing touches on your working details. A business model of mobile salon ideas is a company's basic plan for making money. You write down the answers to questions like,

    • What services do you plan to offer?
    • Which neighborhood or area will work best for you?
    • What do you want to do with your money?

    Once you know the answers to these questions, we'll move on to the next step, which is choosing a business model.

    You can choose from three common types of business models:

    1. Hybrid model

    If you currently own a traditional hair salon and you want to increase your earnings, you could find that this business model works better for you than others. In this scenario, you would offer your clients the option of scheduling an appointment at either your salon, where they would come to you for the service, or at their own home, where you would go to them.

    In comparison to a conventional hair salon, the use of this business model enables you to attract a larger number of customers, which in turn increases your profitability.

    1. Completely mobile

    This model is for you if you are just starting out in the industry and want to set up a completely mobile workspace.

    Here, you, the hairdresser, work out of a salon on wheels, which is usually an RV that has been changed to serve clients. The biggest benefit is that you won't have to pay rent on the property. Even though mobile businesses still need to get permits and keep them up to date.

    1. Visiting clients at home

    This is a new way to run a mobile hair salon, but it has been around for a long time. Some clients like to get their hair done at home, so the hairdresser drives around with a full hair salon kit.

    Another good thing about this model is that the customer will pay for any utilities (like water, electricity, etc.) that are needed. You will only have to pay for your travel and any equipment you need to carry around with you.

    Step 2: Obtaining license and registration

    Obtaining license and registration

    Before starting a business, you must get the licenses and permits required by the state. This is to avoid problems in the future. A cosmetology license is usually needed for any hair stylist who works on the road. You will also need an Employee Identification Number (EIN) that lets you pay taxes and shows that your business exists.

    In some states, mobile hair stylists must also have the right certifications in order to work on their own. Most states also require a separate vehicle permit for traveling hair salons, so if you want to open a fully mobile salon, be sure to check on that as well. We suggest that you look up these rules on the website for your state and then apply for all the licenses.

    Step 3: Investing in your business

    Investing in your business

    You will be able to finish preparing the vehicle for your mobile salon as soon as you have acquired the required papers. In order to become a mobile hairdresser, this step is certainly not required; nevertheless, if you believe that it is not pertinent to your business model, you are free to go through to the next stage.

    The following are some of the ways in which you may run your totally mobile hair salon:

    1. Purchasing an RV, either brand new or used

    You might think of this as an investment into your company's equipment, much like purchasing a chair for your mobile beauty salon or a mirror for your store. This mobile salon van, or the vehicle of your choosing, will serve as a blank slate for you to customize

    that suits your needs and preferences.

    1. Renting a trailer or recreational vehicle

    When first getting started, it might be more cost-effective to rent a car rather than own one of these kinds of vehicles, which is why many firms provide this option. There are also opportunities available to hire mobile hair salons that are completely outfitted with all of the necessary amenities.

    After you have completed the process of selecting your mobile salon van , you can then go on to select the various pieces of equipment that your mobile salon will need. A few examples of common things are as follows:

    If you're starting from scratch and outfitting your mobile salon ideas, you'll need:

    • Chair
    • Hair Scissors
    • Tiny washbasin
    • Combs
    • Mirrors
    • Spray bottles
    • Blow dryers

    Clearly, the remainder of the tools and supplies that you will want for your mobile hair salon will be wholly determined by the mobile hair services that you intend to provide as well as the brands that you like.

    Decorate your mobile beauty salon however you prefer

    The interior design of your salon is certainly an investment that should not be overlooked, despite the fact that it is not one of the more common types. Be sure to decorate up your mobile salon since here is where your clients will be waiting for them when they visit your business.

    The following is a possible course of action for you to take:

    • Your beauty parlor's configuration is the first and most important decision that must be made.
    • When you are setting up, give some thought to where the fundamental pieces of furniture will go, such as your chair, vanity, or mirror.
    • One useful piece of advice to keep in mind in this situation is to avoid going too far and giving the impression that the place is too crowded.
    • Pay attention to the lighting and any other little decorations (like a painting or a plant, for example) in order to tie the space together.

    Step 4: Preparation for operations

    Preparation for operations

    Even if your beauty salon is mobile, it does not absolve you of the responsibility of maintaining a variety of essential components to ensure that it operates without a hitch.

    1. Ensure you insure

    First things first, you have to make sure that your car is adequately protected. It is safe to assume that you have put a significant portion of your financial resources into your transit vehicle, which also serves as your salon unit. You have no choice but to insure such a precious possession if you want to protect yourself against the possibility of unanticipated events.

    There are a wide variety of alternatives available, with yearly payments as low as minimal, but the prices depend on the kind of vehicle you drive and the state in which you live. Just make sure that you read the tiny print to guarantee that your car will have the correct level of coverage.

    1. Everything has a price

    These are some of the most typical initial investments for a mobile hair salon:

    • A recreational vehicle (RV) may be rented annually or purchased used and remodeled to meet your salon's specifications. The former may be had for as little as $6,000, while the latter's remodeling expenditures can range from zero to twenty thousand.
    • The price of equipment may quickly mount up, even if you just use standard items like hair dryers and coloring stations. Hence, prices might vary from $7,000 to $20,000, depending on the brand.
    • Costs associated with obtaining a business license and insurance vary by state and may exceed $500 if you need legal representation. A typical insurance policy will cost between $2,000 and $5,000.
    • We'll go into more detail about this in the marketing section, but signs, banners, and business cards may cost you up to $50.
    • Expenditures for advertising are purely discretionary, yet they may pay off handsomely. The marketing budget is between $200 and $300, and its primary purpose is to raise brand recognition and attract new clients.

    All of these costs add up to a minimum of $7,500, making a mobile hair salon a viable business option for some.

    1. Time to earn

    Let's stop talking about how to spend money and start talking about how to make money. But before you set your own prices, it would be smart to look at what your competitors are charging. So, you can get a good idea of what the market prices are right now and what your customers are willing to pay.

    Next, figure out how much it will cost to run your business. This includes things like the cost of utilities, gas, etc. This is the amount you need to make in the first year to break even.

    Now that you know these numbers, go back to Step 1 and look at your list of services. Based on these numbers, set prices for each service so that you can make a profit with good margins and stay within your customers' means. Of course, you can raise your prices and still offer opening discounts; it's up to you.

    Step 5: Get the word spread

    Get the word spread

    Now that you've finished planning for mobile beauty salon, you're ready to begin promoting your business and bringing in new clients. It is a fairly essential step in the process of starting a new company, and we even suggested reserving a particular amount of money just for your marketing requirements.

    Our line of thinking is that if you do not make people aware of your company, how can you expect them to come to check out your establishment? And therefore, you must market. The first thing you should do in marketing is work on your branding guide to differentiate your company from the others in your industry.

    This will include the following:

    • Your brand values
    • Any branding, package, and colors
    • Cards for business use and signage
    • Your USP

    After you have all of these fundamental components finished, you are ready to go to market!

    These days, various marketing channels have opened up owing to the internet, such as Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok, and you can register an account for your company on any of these platforms at no cost. In addition, as long as you do not intend to employ staff, publishing on these social media networks will continue to be free.

    In addition, you may improve your chances of being successful by researching prospective customers and directing your marketing efforts specifically toward them. Those who are unable to attend your salons, such as those living in nursing homes or other such settings, may make use of the services offered by your business if you have a mobile beauty salon.

     You have the following option:

    • Flyers should be distributed.
    • Make arrangements for promotional offerings.
    • Post advertisements in the regions that have the most potential.
    • Provide a referral code to all of your new clients (for additional discounts)

    You don't have to limit yourself to these traditional approaches to marketing; there are other avenues you may investigate to find out what works best for you. For instance, if your community is often hosting events, you may consider participating in one of those events as a speaker or by hanging banners there.

    There is an infinite number of choices all you need to do is figure out what works best for you!

    Now you are ready to go!

    As you've seen, despite the fact that starting a mobile hair company may seem to be an easy task, there is really a significant amount of effort and hard work involved in doing so.

    We really hope that you find our article to be an enlightening and helpful guide to starting a mobile hair salon of your own. When you have a good structure behind your business, like this one, your company will undoubtedly be able to get off to a strong start.

    Bookngly wants to wish you the best of luck as you embark on your new endeavor!

    Alice Green
    Alice Green
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