Top Notch Longer Beard Styles of 2023

    While many believe long beards are making a return, the simple fact is that they were never out of vogue, to begin with (and for your peace of mind, never will). It's been shown repeatedly, from ancient warriors to Abraham Lincoln and James Harden, that long beards make men seem more handsome.

    Long beard styles for guys are here to stay, and they may express themselves in various ways, including being elegant, edgy, traditional, or modern. Guys that sport long beard styles give off an impression of more maturity, respect, and strength. In addition, a number of studies have shown that men with big beards have a greater social standing than their brothers, who keep their faces clean-shaven.

    Here Are the Men's Long Beard Styles

    What are you waiting for if you've already reached the critical six-inch landmark on your beard or if you're in the process of growing it out? It's time to check out Bookngly’s some of the top men's long beard styles for men so that you can take your facial hair game to the next level.

    1.Viking Long Beard

    The long beard of a Viking is known for being thick and flowing. Wearing it wild and letting it flow free is the best way to show that you authentically represent these bold and daring Viking warriors. Better still, bring the appearance into the 21st century by selecting one of the various types of men's long beards and sporting it like your bearded brothers with braids or beads.

    This will take a look to a whole new level. You'll need to give your beard anywhere between 8 and 12 weeks to grow out, no matter what you decide.

    2.Long Goatee Beard

    Get in touch with your inner free spirit by growing out your goatee beard. The combination of a goatee and mustache is considered to be one of the most daring styles for a long beard. To pull off this style, though, you don't need to be a man on a motorbike or a person with a guitar in your hands at all times.

    Check the work of Idris Elba, Brad Pitt, and Brad Paisley for some ideas.

    3.Long Natural Beard

    The trend of having a long, natural beard is here to stay. Although while a long beard grown from nature might have a rugged appearance, it still has to be trimmed, long beard shapes, and well-groomed beard in order to look its best.

    Trim the facial hair as it develops, remove any stray hairs using beard scissors, and comb the facial hair downward in a single direction. Do not allow the facial hair to grow unchecked or give it free rein.

    4.Wild And Carefree Long Beard

    The many variations of the big beard style make it possible to choose one that is suitable for each man. men with big beards and with an independent attitude who don't want to spend much time maintaining their beards could opt for a wild and carefree look with their facial hair.

    This relaxed beard style looks great with long hair since it exudes a laid-back and casual vibe. Even though grooming should be minimal, we suggest using moisturizer daily to avoid dryness and irritation.

    5.Pompadour With Long Beard

    Nothing shouts "put together" quite like a pompadour that has been expertly styled. Trust us, it's not as simple as it appears, together with a big beard style that has been meticulously well-groomed beard. Both of them need a significant amount of maintenance, but they provide some of the most lucrative benefits.

    6.Bold Shaped Long Beard

    There are types of men's long beards that are neat and well-manicured in addition to others that are wild and unruly. This kind of beard has a high start point at the sideburns and then flows long while being trimmed into a square or angular form.

    A masculine guy should have a full beard that makes a statement like this. If you have an oval face, an angled form will look best on you, whereas a square long beard shapes will work best if your proportions are more triangular.

    7.Razor’s Edge

    Long beard styles with razor edges provide the wearer the best of both worlds since they are long and flowing on the bottom while having sharp, defined cheek lines. Embrace your beard while ensuring your face is clearly defined and distinguishable.

    As you may have suspected, you'll need a razor to bring those edges to a razor's edge level of sharpness. To accomplish the task at hand and craft a distinctive cheek line, all you need is a standard hand-held or "cut-throat" razor.

    8.Two-Tone Long Beard

    If you are searching for inspiration for one of the most masculine forms of a long beard, then going two-tone is the route to choose. You may get this appearance by letting the grey hairs in your long beard grow naturally and coloring the roots of your beard exclusively. The grey color may also be achieved by bleaching the middle and terminal portions of the hair.

    Nevertheless, since strong chemicals might cause uneven hair breakage or hair loss, it is advisable to go to a professional for this service.

    9.Lumberjack Beard

    You have probably encountered the phrase "lumbersexual" when browsing various social media platforms, but do you know what it means? A young urban male who has an outdoorsy aesthetic is referred to as a lumbersexual.

    You will want to wear a flannel shirt, worn-in jeans, clunky boots, and the most important accessory of all, a burly long beard style with a thick mustache. The capacity to fell trees, on the other hand, is completely optional.

    10.The Warrior Beard

    Long beards were popular among many of history's greatest warriors, including King Leonidas, the commander of the Spartans, and Ghengis Khan, the terrible ruler of the Mongols. You can still tap into the strength of these brave warriors despite the fact that most conflicts are waged in boardrooms rather than on the battlefields they fought on in the past.

    Combining a long beard with a confident demeanor and a daring hairdo, such as braids, a Mohawk, or an undercut, is a great way to make a statement.

    11.The Harden Beard

    James Harden, a baller with the Brooklyn Nets, is notorious for having said that his beard was worth $10 million. Before Harden decided to remove his beard, he said that he would donate the money he raised to charity if it reached this hair-raising sum.

    Even if it was done for a charitable reason, it might come out as haughty. Grow your beard out to a length of at least five inches, and don't even think about shaving your mustache or cheeks. This is the only way to pull off the million-dollar long beard look.

    12.Hipster Long Beard

    The hipster way of life encompasses a lot more than just a single cliché. It's all about thinking for yourself, living outside of the norm, and rebelling against the culture and trends that are prevalent in the mainstream.

    Facial hair is another area that might benefit from adopting styles that are more creative and distinctive. The long beard styles popular among hipster males sometimes include a significant mustache and a full, bushy beard.

    13.Faded Long Beard

    There's some exciting news: fades aren't only for the head anymore; faded long full beard styles are beginning to become more popular. A long-faded beard is a stylish option for bearded men that maintains the sideburns and cheek hair short while gradually transitioning to a chin beard that is between 3 and 6 inches in length.

    This is a subtly slimming style. Create an aura of sophistication with a fading hairdo. Yet, you should entrust your barber with the technical aspects of the trimming process.

    14.Even Flow Beard

    Long beard styles for men are all about getting to tremendous lengths with their facial hair. This one-of-a-kind long beard is cut to a regular length and starts at the jaw and sides of the face.

    It's time to go with the stream and become even like Zakk Wylde, founder of Black Label Society, who has a beard that runs from the chin to the chest, has a lot of volumes, and is combed to perfection. An even-flow beard has these characteristics.

    15.Long Beard with Faded Sideburns

    There are two distinct schools of thought when it comes to the length and style of a man's long beard: huge, bold, and savage, or tidy, tamed, and sharp. The second category includes men who have full beards but have thinned off their sideburns.

    The use of faded sideburns is an excellent method for integrating a long beard in a natural manner into a short hairdo. Visits to the barbershop are necessary to maintain this facial hair style, but doing so is what maintains the appearance current and appropriate for the workplace.

    16.Full Polished Beard

    James Harden, a player for the Brooklyn Nets, is notorious for having said that he was worth $10 million because of his beard. When Harden decided to shave off his beard, he pledged to raise a staggering sum of money for charity if he was able to do it.

    It's possible that it came out as arrogant, but everything we did was for a good reason. To get the look of a million-dollar long beard, let your facial hair grow to a length of at least five inches, and don't even think considering shaving your mustache or cheeks.

    17.Power Beard

    What is it about men with long beards that is so appealing? Let's go back to our caveman ancestors and ask them about it. The power beard was a sign of virility and good health. The length of a person's beard was often used as a qualification for leadership roles in ancient societies.

    Full beard styles are timeless, as seen by their continued popularity in current times. Make a bold statement by allowing your beard to reach a length of at least four to six inches.

    18.Power Beard With Walrus Mustache

    Several forms of long beards, such as power beards, are all about expressing one's unique identity. They are around six inches long and may be worn straight, curly, or wavy, depending on the texture of your natural hair.

    Combining a strong beard with a thick walrus mustache gives you a rough and unkempt appearance that gives the impression that you are wise beyond your years. You are the only one who has the ability to win people over, regardless of how you style your beard—smooth it out, curl it up, or use a beard straightener.

    19.Long Mustache and Long Thick Beard

    Patience is a virtue that is required for longbeard styles. Be prepared for a lot of people to be jealous of your facial hair if you have a long mustache and a long, thick beard. The greatest method to get this appearance is to work out rather than trim your body if your personal and professional life allows it.

    You should let your mustache and beard develop naturally, and then, after they have established a solid basis, you may begin the process of styling and trimming them.

    20.The Uniform Beard

    This beard style is one of the most appropriate long beard types for white-collar professions since it maintains a consistent length throughout the whole beard. The name of this beard style tells it all. The whiskers are connected by a long beard that covers the whole face.

    But, since facial hair grows at different rates in different people, it might take anywhere from six months to a year for this particular kind of beard to develop.

    Guests can relax in the sea or wade for yards in the shallow waters while waiters wearing bathing suits offer tropical drinks to those in need of refreshment.



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