How to Write the Most Effective Mission Statements for Salons

    The formulation of a hair salon mission statement is an essential component of salon strategy. It conveys to new as well as current customers, employees, and business partners the ethos of your salon as well as the standards by which it operates.

    What Is a Salon Mission Statement?

    A concise and action-oriented description of the company's goals, values, and objectives for catering to the requirements of its clients should be included in a salon mission statements. It should convey who you are as a salon, create an indelible mark on your brand, and bring attention to the aspects that set you apart from other salons in the area.

    It is a vital component of the business plan for a salon and will provide you with assistance in making all of the crucial business decisions.

    What are the components of an effective mission statement?

    Your brand's mission statement should be able to articulate what it does, how it does it, and why it does it in a clear and concise manner. With your goal statement, you may rapidly summarise all of this information by offering the following: What does your company's product or service do, or what does it strive to supply, and for whom is it intended?

    What is the Difference between Mission Statement and Vision Statement?

     The main focus of a salon's mission statement is on the business's goals and how you plan to reach those goals. At the same time, vision statements for salons show what you hope for the future of your business.

    Since these things go hand in hand, mission and vision statements for salons are often put together to give a full picture of the business.

    The Benefits of a Salons Mission Statement are:

    Benefits of a Salons Mission Statement

    1. Facilitates understanding and remembrance of the salon's plan

    It's difficult and stressful to open a hair shop from scratch. It's easy to get overwhelmed by your workload and lose sight of the bigger picture and your motivations. By outlining your salon's purpose, you can maintain focus and ensure that your long-term advertising efforts are consistent.

    1. Motivates potential clients and employees

    No one is interested in joining yet another hair salon. The mission statement will explain to them why they should choose your salon above the competition.

    1. Helps divide up the work

    When everyone on your team is on the same page about the company's goals, they can work together more effectively on a variety of projects.

    1. Inspires your staff

    If you want to foster effective cooperation and a positive culture at work, it's crucial that you all share the same beliefs and objectives. Having the rest of the staff buy into your vision will make them feel as vested in the salon's success as you are.

    1. Generates new business

    The days of choosing which hair salon to visit based only on cost and convenience are over. People want to feel like they're contributing to a better world, even if it's just in a little way. That might swing the balances in your favor if they see you fighting for their beliefs. It's not only that your salon provides a wide variety of hair care options, from color to extensions.

    How to write a Hair Salon Mission Statement?

    The recommended length for a mission statement is between two and four phrases and no more than one hundred words long.

    In the end, the mission statement for your salon should be precisely the perfect length to get your message through, illustrate your value to customers (which should be exceptional customer service), and explain how you intend to encourage your staff to reach your company goals.

    Basic Key Elements Mission Statements for Salons:

    Value: What kind of value does your salon provide, for its customers but also for its employees?

    Inspiration: Why should individuals choose to go to your salon instead of others?

    Plausibility: Get it to sound like it makes sense

    Specificity: Connect it to your spa or salon.

    Tips for Creating a Hair Salon Mission Statement:

    Creating a Hair Salon Mission Statement

    • Figure out what you want to accomplish with your company. You opened a hair salon, but why? The significance to you is due to what?
    • Think about whom you're trying to reach. They should visit your salon because. Just what are they hoping to accomplish by visiting a salon? What kind of people reside there, exactly? I'm curious about their daily routine.
    • Promote your salon's name and logo. To what extent do you satisfy the needs of your clientele?
    • Just what sets your salon apart from the rest? When compared to competitors, what sets your salon apart? In what ways do you excel above the competition?
    • You should consider your employees. Make sure the statement reflects your company's culture, is approachable, encourages and inspires your present and prospective workers, and is simple to grasp.
    • Try to be succinct and understandable. Your goal statement should be concise, straightforward, and simple to recall. Keep in mind that both clients and workers should be able to quickly grasp your vision for the salon.

    Most Common Salons Mission Statement Mistakes

    Common Salons Mission Statement Mistakes

    • Boring; avoid making it a dry list of services offered.
    • Weak in character and levity; it doesn't do justice to the salon's culture.
    • Buzzwordy and too technical; instead, use straightforward, basic language that explains what your salon does.

    After you have finished writing the mission statement for your hair salon, you should review it for wordiness and take out anything that may be considered hype or a term. Writing allows for the detection of falsehoods with relative ease, which is something that, in the long run, would not be beneficial for your business.

    Check to ensure that what you have stated relates particularly to your hair salon, and not the industry as a whole or just any other establishment offering hair services. It's a good idea to take inspiration from the mission statements of companies that you like, but don't just duplicate them; come up with something own instead.

    This is about doing things your way and identifying what sets you apart from other rivals.

    Why is a salon mission statement important?

    The majority of salon proprietors disregard the significance of a salon mission statement since they are unaware of the pivotal part that it may play in attracting the desired clientele. They are not aware of how helpful it is in creating relationships with the consumers who browse through their website or visit the salon as a result of a suggestion from a friend.

    As a result, it is of the utmost importance to articulate the reason for the establishment of the salon as well as the motivation to provide excellent services. In the next section, we will explain in further depth why it is beneficial to establish a mission statement for a beauty shop.

    What should be included in a mission statement for a beauty salon?

    A salon mission statement is a condensed and action-oriented overview of the aims, objectives, and fundamental values of the company, as well as an explanation of how these things will benefit the customers. It should represent the personality of your salon, make a lasting image of your salon brand, and highlight your unique selling features in comparison to those of the other salons in the area.

    1. Contributes to the formation of an identity

    Developing a successful brand identity may be accomplished with the assistance of a beauty or hair salon mission statement. The level of competition in this industry is quite high, and in order to win, you will need to carve out a unique space for yourself. And a mission statement will help you get there by describing the rationale for developing your brand name. This will be of great assistance to you in reaching your goal.

    2. Creates an environment that is conducive to trust

    Each and every salon company needs to provide an exceptional experience for its clients in order to meet the requirements of the current industry standards. But you won't be able to achieve that unless you've established a connection with your customers that is dependable and trustworthy. This is where the mission statement will come in handy for you, as it will explain to the consumers how exceptional your salon is and how they will profit from making use of hair and beauty services.

    3. Attracts more clients

    You may reach greatness in the beauty market if you have a mission statement that is appropriately defined and communicated. If your salon's mission statement is easily digestible, compelling, and enticing, then without a doubt your business will begin to see an increase in the number of customers it serves. It is true that it will take some time, but the outcomes will be worthwhile.

    4. Gives clear details in a compact format

    It is imperative that the mission statement contain essential components such as high-quality customer service, a diverse offering of services, affordable organic goods, and aggressive pricing. Some businesses may have a one-sentence cosmetologist mission statement, while others have brief paragraphs consisting of two to three phrases. It is entirely dependent on the particulars that you want to emphasize in the statement on the beauty and hair care services that you provide.

    5. Defines the primary function of the beauty salon

    It is possible for you to establish the primary objective of your salon by consulting the salon's vision statements and cosmetologist mission statement. For instance, if your organization's only objective is to provide services of a high standard, the mission statement needs to reflect this objective. In a similar vein, if you want your beauty parlor to emphasize the transformative potential of attractiveness, you may include it in the mission statement.

    6. Boosts the overall performance of a company

    The enhancement of the performance of your company is one of the primary motivations for the creation of a beautiful mission statement. This statement will assist you in carrying on your heritage, regardless of the age of your salon or whether or not you are in the process of employing new employees. As a direct consequence of this, the services provided by your beauty and hair salon will always be of the highest quality.

    7. Provides a glimpse into the future

    Even though your salon is rather successful, you still need to write a mission statement that will define how the salon will operate or how the heritage will be preserved in the years to come. You will be able to use this information to assist in the process of goal-setting for all of the employees and new company owners who will be operating the beauty or hair salon in the years to come.

    Salon Mission Statement Examples:

    Thus, what would be some excellent things to include in a mission statement for a hair salon? We have done an extensive research to find some of the most compelling salon mission statement examples for you to read and use as sources of motivation.

    This collection of salon mission statements is provided only for the purpose of providing ideas. Don't just duplicate one of the examples below. Draft your mission statement for your salon, one that reflects the real reason why your establishment operates. These can assist you in formulating your very own mission statement that is suited specifically for the beauty salon company that you run.

    1. Lucinda’s Hair & Beauty Salon

    Hair & Beauty Salon Description:

    "Located at Twin Park’s Centre, Lucinda’s Hair & Beauty salon provides you with a range of highly trendy haircuts and styling, makeup, hair coloring, waxing services, spray tanning, and facials. It was established in the year 2005 and has a team of highly skilled and experienced stylists.”

    Hair & Beauty Salon Mission Statement:

    Our mission at Lucinda’s Hair & Beauty is to provide a friendly, personalized service through a team of highly skilled and creative professionals. Teamwork is our most valuable asset which ensures our clients are always number one, and we strive to exceed your expectations.”

    2. Salon U – Hair & Beauty Salon

    Hair & Beauty Salon Description:

    We strive to reach beyond the roots (of hair), and into the refinement and healing of one’s core self.”

    Hair & Beauty Salon Mission Statement:

    Salon U is an award-winning salon, established in the year 2002 and known for high-quality beauty, hair, and spa services.”

    3. The Roose Parlour & Spa – Hair Salon & Spa

    Hair Salon & Spa Description:

    Established in the year 2009, The Roose Parlour & Spa is a popular salon in Downtown Phoenix. From haircuts, and styling to color and other hair treatments, and spa services, the salon offers numerous services for its clients.”

    Hair Salon Mission Statements:

    We celebrate women and men in their real, raw, authentic brilliance, who believe in themselves and are ready to step into the look they love. We employ hair products with some of the most natural and rich ingredients because we believe you should never expect less. “

    4. Ramirez Tran – Hair Salon

    Hair Salon Description:

    Found in the year 2013, Ramirez Tran is a luxury salon started by Celebrity Colorist Johnny Ramirez and Celebrity Stylist Anh Co Tran. With a team of the most sought-after stylists and colorists, the salon is known for its exceptional quality services.”

    Hair Salon Mission Statements:

    We aim to offer customized haircuts and color correction to strike the perfect balance of looks that are enduring, yet original.”

    5. Cinta – Hair & Beauty Salon

    Hair & Beauty Salon Description:

    Whether you want to get a simple, classic haircut or you want to get a personalized look from the stylists, Cinta salon is for you. They offer a range of services starting from hair styling, hair coloring, makeup, and eyelash extensions to skincare, bronzing, hair removal, and barbering.”

    Hair Salon Mission Statement:

    Inner Beauty is your job. We do the rest.”

    6. Nine Zero One Salon – Hair Salon

    Hair Salon Description:

    This premier salon is located in Los Angeles. The salon promises to offer a contemporary atmosphere for all its clients. From hair styling and cutting to blow drying and hair coloring, you can choose from these services offered by Nine Zero One Salon.”

    Hair Salon Mission Statement:

    “We believe people go to salons to look a certain way. People go to Nine Zero One to feel a certain way.”

    7. MI Hair Lounge – Hair Salon

    Hair Salon Description:

    “If you are looking for high-quality skin and hair care, then MI Hair Lounge is the place for you. This salon offers a range of great services and hairstylists here also provide recommendations so that you can get the best-recommended hairstyles suiting your personality.”

    Hair Salon Mission Statement:

    We want to settle on a style that you want and suits the image of yourself you want to have.”

    8. Illusions Color Spa – Hair Salon

    Hair Salon Description:

    “Illusions Color Salon Spa is located in St. Louis, MO zone since the year 1995. The salon is known to offer high-quality services ranging from hairstyles, and dimensional hair shading, to updos, expansions, and fixing. Some of the other spa services offered by Illusions Color Spa include eyelashes, waxing, facials, rub, pedicures, and nail trims.”

    Hair Salon Mission Statement:

    “We offer high-quality hair and spa services to make your day!”

    9. Fringe Hair Salon

    Hair Salon Description:

    “One of the striking features of the Fringe Hair Salon is its expert people and staff. The highly experienced and skilled hairstylists help you to get the best haircut and hairstyle, personalized and suiting your required demands. The salon is highly specialized in offering comprehensive hair care ranging from hair color, haircut, bridal, treatments, up-dos, and foiling. They aim at offering these services using the best techniques and products to make your hair look awesome.”

    Hair Salon Mission Statements:

    High-end hair care without the high-end attitude.”

    10. Paris Parker Salon & Spa – Hair, Beauty, and Nail Salon

    Hair Salon Description:

    “The salon is spread across eight locations – New Orleans, Lakeside Mall, Mandeville and Hammond, the Central Business District, Perkins Rowe, and Jefferson in Baton Rouge. Some of the services offered at the Paris Parker Salon and Spa include hair extensions, hair coloring, haircut and styling, nails, spa, waxing, lash, and brow.”

    Hair Salon Mission Statement:

    We aim at elevating our guests inside and out. Be your best self, and live your best life.”

    11. Soft Images – Hair & Beauty Salon

    Hair Salon Description:

    Situated in Frederick, Maryland, Soft Images Salon provides a comprehensive and complete range of beauty and hair services. You can also find beauty products to buy.”

    Hair Salon Mission Statement:

    “We hold ourselves accountable for exceeding our client’s high expectations and recognize every client as our ultimate focus. We believe the actions of one, have the power to change the world. We work hard to please our customers. The payoff is, that it brings us as much pleasure as it does our satisfied customers.”

    12. The Right Salon – Hair Salon

    Hair Salon Description:

    Situated in two locations – Ladera Ranch and Orange County, California, the Right Hair Salon is popularly known for makeup and hairstyles. A famous place for celebs, the salon offers a range of services including hair extensions, highlights, and colors, precision haircuts, smoothing and hair straightening treatments, perms, and many other services.”

    Hair Salon Mission Statement:

    “As soon as you walk through the doors at The Right Hair Salon you will feel right at home.”

    13. Rocket City Styles – Hair, Beauty & Nail Salon

    Hair Salon Description:

    Rocket City Styles salon is an exclusive salon offering hair and nail services. Located in Madison, AL, the salon provides many beauty and hair services that include hair extensions, hairdressing and styling, and nail art. Some of the other services offered by Rocket City Sales are blow-drying, hair shampooing and conditioning, hair styling, and coloring.”

    Hair Salon Mission Statement:

    To serve customers with integrity by being loyal to them, the company, and ourselves. To give superior customer service consistently with a happy relentless attitude while standing within an affordable budget for families.”

    14. Attitudes Hair Salons East Cobb

    Hair Salon Description:

    “Established in the year 1999, Attitudes Hair Salons is situated in Marietta, Georgia. The salon provides a whole range of hair and beauty services. Ranging from stylish haircuts, hair styling, highlighting, and coloring, to treatments for the scalp and many more services.”

    Hair Salon Mission Statement:

    We realize that your hair is your signature and that you must feel great about it every day. The success of our business has been, and will always be, based on paying attention to the details – the many details that ensure quality.”

    15. Zeba Hair Salon

    Hair Salon Description:

    Zeba Hair Salon is a premium hair salon located in Marietta, Georgia. The highly skilled team of hairstylists and experts offer high-quality services. Offering cutting-edge hair styling and treatments, you are sure to get a completely customized look suiting your needs and personality. You can also get a personalized recommendation and consultation that will fit your style.”

    Hair Salon Mission Statement:

    Together as a team, we strive to achieve excellence and constantly improve our artistry to enrich and nourish our client’s experience.”

    16. Van Michael East Cobb – Hair Salon

    Hair Salon Description:

    Van Michael salons offer a range of top-end hairstyling that is inspired by trends all across the globe. Right from precision haircuts to coloring, and waxing services to bridal and makeup services, you can find every hair and makeup service here.”

    Hair Salon Mission Statement:

    To build a salon that would offer the finest services available for hair in the world.”

    17. L Salon & Color Group – Hair & Beauty Salon

    Hair Salon Description:

    L Salon & Color Group was started in 1991 and provides a range of skin and hair care services in San Mateo, California.”

    Hair Salon Mission Statement:

    “Our mission is not only to create a beautiful appearance but to nurture the spirit and relax the body and mind. Our goal is a lift and challenge current industry standards. To accomplish our mission, we offer a wide range of services and gift packages in which our clients have a chance to explore wonderful new dimensions.”

    18. Alice Woodrum Salon – Hair & Beauty Salon

    Hair Salon Description:

    A team of top-trained experts and hairstylists who have been in the industry for a while, Alice Woodrum Salon offers a range of high-quality services ranging from hair coloring, hair styling, and makeup and waxing.”

    Hair Salon Mission Statement:

    To make your life better through hair.”

    19. Bangz Park Avenue Salon – Hair Salon

    Hair Salon Description:

    “Starting in the year 1983, the Bangz Park Avenue salon is popular in Florida. You can find a range of services here – from hair styling to cuts, coloring to perming, and more.”

    Hair Salon Mission Statement:

    At Bangz, we love what we do and we love whom we do it with—and for. We’re full of gratitude for every person who walks through our door, and we see it as the privilege of a lifetime to make our guests feel good about themselves.”

    20. DeWight Anderson Hair Salon

    Hair Salon Description:

    “From trending hairstyles and haircuts to shaves, mustache and beard trimming, and hair coloring, and coloring, DeWight Anderson Hair Salon offers a range of services to suit your specific needs.”

    Hair Salon Mission Statement:

    Each of our clients must walk out of the salon with amazing hair.”

    21. Hare’s Hair Salon

    Hair Salon Description:

    “If you’re looking for stylish haircuts, styling, and hair treatments, Hare’s Hair Salon is the right place to be. Located in Brisbane, Australia, the salon also sells hair and skin care products, and hair accessories.”

    Hair Salon Mission Statement:

    Our mission is to be innovative and motivated in the pursuit of excellence and embrace the challenges of change in the hair industry. To strive for perfection in Hare’s hair training programs, so that our hair stylists can contribute to the hair industry for the benefit of our clientele.”

    22. Arra Hair Salon and Spa

    Hair Salon Description:

    Situated in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, the Arra Hair Salon & Spa is a popular salon offering various services including hair removal, makeup, and spa, foot, and hand treatments.”

    Hair Salon Mission Statement:

    “We share a mission of helping our clients to be as beautiful on the outside as they are inward. We have a 40-year legacy of service and tradition that we continue to joyfully honor.”

    23. Prada’s Glow – Tanning & Beauty Salon

    Tanning Salon Description:

    “Prada’s Glow offers spray tan services from a deep dark tan to a light glow. The technique consists of camouflage to the contouring of the full body.”

    Tanning Salon Mission Statement:

    Prada’s Glow wants to make women feel beautiful, it’s empowering. Confidence allows you to take on adventures you never thought you could or would.”

    24. Sugared and Bronzed – Tanning & Beauty Salon

    Beauty Salon Description:

    “From flawless tanning services to providing sugaring, you can find every specialized service here.”

    Beauty Salon Mission Statement:

    We pride ourselves on the fact that we only focus on sugaring and airbrush tanning, all day every day! Our aestheticians and technicians are all trained in-house to ensure you leave with smooth skin and flawless tan, no matter the location, sugarista, or sprayer you visit.”

    25. The Kevin Maple Salon

    Maple Salon Description:

    “The salon lends itself to an intimate, club-like atmosphere with divided rooms and a fireplace in the center of it all. It has been consistently named among the best salons in the Hamptons, with Kevin frequently honored as the best stylist.

    Stylists at The Kevin Maple Salon regularly pursue professional development opportunities that keep them on the cutting edge of the industry. The salon staff is in all ways committed to the highest standard of customer service.”

    Maple Salon Mission Statement:

    “Our mission is to create a unique environment where men and women can enjoy a full range of salon beauty services. The Kevin Maple Salon recognizes that the reputation of the salon can be no better than the reputation of each employee. With this in mind, “The Four S’s of Success” are the four cornerstones we’ve chosen to support the mission we believe will make us uniquely successful.”

    26. Valet Tan – Tanning Salon

    Tanning Salon Description:

    Valet Tans is a popular tanning salon; most celebs such as Romee Strijd and Stella Maxwell are regular clients. If you too are looking for an exclusive spray tanning experience, this is the place!”

    Tanning Salon Mission Statement:

    “Valet Tan’s mission is to give clients an experience that is unforgettable. A transformative time that reveals the natural bronze color that your body brings to light.”

    27. Hush Hush Tan – Tanning Salon

    Tanning Salon Description:

    Looking for a healthy skin glow? Hush Hush Tan is the right place for you. We use organic botanical formulas.”

    Tanning Salon Mission Statement:

    We strive to bring clients a healthier and safer method of achieving sun-kissed golden skin year-round. We provide clients with a naturally flawless glow that matches an individual’s skin tone with just one visit.”

    28. Hortus Nail Works – Nail & Beauty Salon

    Nail Salon Description:

    From hand and feet nail art to sugaring services, you can find an amazing range of services here.”

    Nail Salon Mission Statement:

    Our goal is to deliver beauty and healing benefits to you from the treatments we provide. Skincare products used in our services are thoughtfully handcrafted, in small batches, using the highest quality ingredients.”

    29. Paint Bucket Nails – Nail Salon

    Nail Salon Description:

    “This nail salon is a relaxing space offering a range of nail art options and services.”

    Nail Salon Mission Statement:

    We’re more than just manicures. We’re in the business of recognizing our clients’ achievements and rewarding them with the simple act of feeling good.”

    30. The Studio: A Hair Salon

    Hair Salon Mission Statement:

    “It is our goal at "The Studio: A Hair Salon" to provide consistent, quality hair services to our guests in a comfortable, welcoming, and professional environment.”

    Hair Salon Description:

    “It is our goal at "The Studio: A Hair Salon" to provide consistent, quality hair services to our guests in a comfortable, welcoming, and professional environment.”

    31.  Salon Cruz

    Hair Salon Description:

    Located in the same building as Salon Cruz is an all-organic café, called Eco Bean and Juice, where you can have the amazing experience of enjoying the best organic juice, smoothie, or coffee beverage while being pampered by one of the most talented stylists in Vermont!  

    Hair Salon Mission Statement:

    “Salon Cruz is a high-end boutique salon located at 688 Pine Street in Burlington, Vermont. We believe in keeping hair naturally beautiful and healthy without using harsh chemicals. All of the products we use are botanically formulated and/or organic.”

    32. Harbor Hair Design

    Hair Design Description:

    “We opened in 1987 as "Kingston Scissors and Sun," but now everyone knows that we are the best hair salon in Kingston. Our business is all about giving you the best Style Cuts, Texture Services, and Hair Coloring you can find. Our stylists often do Cut & Color Corrections for clients who were unhappy with the results they got at well-known salons in the Seattle area.”

    Hair Design Mission Statement:

    “To maintain our reputation as Kingston's premier Hair Salon through continuing education and close tracking of contemporary advances within our industry.”


    It might be challenging to write a perfect mission statement for a beauty shop, but doing so can be quite beneficial. If you do not have it, your communication with staff members and partners may always lack a vital basis for understanding one another. There is a chance that you may get disoriented in the chaos of the administrative job or that your message will not be conveyed to the customers.

    We really hope that this concise guide will be of use to you and that the examples of salon missions that Bookngly has compiled in this article will provide you with some great ideas to consider.

    Alice Green
    Alice Green
    Guests can relax in the sea or wade for yards in the shallow waters while waiters wearing bathing suits offer tropical drinks to those in need of refreshment.



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